The Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police

Executive Director Position Announcement 

     The Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police is seeking a dynamic and energetic Executive Director to assume responsibility for managing all activities of the association while developing the resources and programs necessary to grow the association and better serve its membership. The Executive Director reports directly to the board of directors of the association. 

     In 1964, nineteen chiefs of police from across the state met to discuss and, ultimately, lay the groundwork for establishing a professional association "dedicated to the advancement of law enforcement". As a result of this meeting and subsequent efforts over the following few months, official Articles of Incorporation were drafted and filed with the Kansas Secretary of State on May 21, 1965. 

     The KACP Articles of Incorporation provide that KACP is a non-profit corporation organized "to secure a closer official relationship amongst police officials throughout the state, to secure unity of action in police matters; to elevate the standard of police institutions and the police profession generally; to pursue humane efforts in the enforcement of laws; to encourage the advancement and perfection of a uniform police system within the State of Kansas: to advance along all lines pertaining to the prevention and detection of crime and the identity and treatment of prisoners; and to encourage cooperation with any other professional police organization who supports the above aims and purposes, to solicit and receive funds for the accomplishment of the above aims, if necessary, and to buy, own or sell property, real or personal, for the accomplishment of the above aims, if necessary." 

     In the 40 plus years since its birth, KACP has grown from its original 19 to over 400 members. Numerous worthy programs and valuable services have been developed, implemented, improved and expanded as reflected elsewhere in this web site. What has not changed is the drive and dedication of Kansas law enforcement leaders to improve effectiveness and ensure professionalism. 

     Under the general direction of the Board of Directors, the Executive Director is responsible for overall financial health, management and operation of the Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police. 

     The Executive Director is responsible for the administrative functions associated with operating a professional association, including maintaining records, preparing documents and reports, sending membership communications, acting as a central point of contact for members and the public, planning meetings, and maintaining a current membership roster. 

     The Executive Director is responsible for membership solicitation, recruiting and tracking, including the development and maintenance of a membership database and timely performing renewal efforts. 

     One of the principal responsibilities of the Executive Director is fundraising. The director will develop and execute an annual fundraising plan to ensure the ongoing viability of the association. 

     The Executive Director will plan and execute the many events of the association including association conferences, the annual awards banquet, and chiefs round table discussions. 


  • Experience working with non-profit or government organizations; 
  • direct experience with fundraising activities; 
  • demonstrated ability to negotiate and manage contracts; 
  • knowledge of basic budgets and accounting; 
  • excellent oral, written and interpersonal communication skills. 



An undergraduate degree in a field relevant to the position; experience with Facebook, Twitter or other social media and basic internet website maintenance. 

SALARY: $45,000 plus annual incentive bonus 

TO APPLY: email cover letter and resume to Michael A. Keller, President, Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police at 

To be considered for this position, resume and cover letter must be received no later than June 30, 2019. 

Leading Kansas Law Enforcement Since 1965

Valor Law Enforcement Foundation Donation

The Valor Foundation’s mission is to protect and support the needs of Kansas law enforcement by providing assistance and support to the various police agencies of Kansas whether state or local.

The Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police was formed nearly 50 years ago by a handful of police chiefs for the purpose and mission of ensuring professionalism in and effectiveness of law enforcement in our state.

Today, the KACP's 500+ members, who are Kansas chiefs of police, sheriffs, and command law enforcement officers, are ever-striving toward identifying and implementing more-effective, increasingly-reliable approaches to fighting new and growing crime challenges and providing community safety and protection while doing so with the highest level of professionalism.

The KACP is comprised of and represents law enforcement leaders from agencies of all sizes from throughout the state. The Association has developed and administers numerous member and community service programs as shown and described within this web site.

Kansas Law Enforcement Memorial

The KACP commemorates Kansas law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. KACP contributions supported the initial construction of the Kansas Law Enforcement Memorial on the State Capitol grounds in Topeka, and continuing contributions support the Memorial's maintenance.

The KLETC web site provides additional information about the Law Enforcement Memorial.

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KACP's objectives:

  • To promote better inter-agency cooperation and exchange of information.
  • To improve management techniques and operational procedures.
  • To actively consult with the Kansas Legislature for the passage of laws necessary to law enforcement.
  • To promote viable training standards and officer selection procedures.
  • To achieve the adherence of high professional standards of performance and conduct for all peace officers.
  • To publicly recognize the meritorious actions of peace officers throughout the State.

For more information about the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), a dynamic organization that serves as the professional voice of law enforcement.


Box 780603, Wichita, KS, 67278
(316) 733-7300
The KACP is comprised of and represents law enforcement leaders from agencies of all sizes from throughout the state. The Association has developed and administers numerous member and community service programs as shown and described within this web site.