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Valor Foundation


The Valor Foundation’s mission is to protect and support the needs of Kansas law enforcement by providing assistance and support to the various police agencies of Kansas whether state or local.

Programs Funded:

Death benefits to fallen officers killed in the line of duty

The loss of a loved one is always difficult; however, when that loss is due to a work related accident or a death as a result of a crime, it can be especially difficult for the families and children of the fallen officer. As with most life insurance policies, it can take months for the families to receive. The Valor Foundations goal to ensure that these families are financially supported within days of a loss. In 2016,  Kansas experienced a tremendous loss when three of our own were killed. It is only because the generous donations from our community supporters that we were able to provide financially for the families.

Family Support Services

We believe that it is our duty to provide support and resources to the families and children of our Kansas Law Enforcement. These services include:

  • Regional response teams to help  respond to families and children in crisis – Death, suicide, depression, and work related stressors
  • Financial support to off-set medical expenses related to PTSD, Death, and serious injury

Scholarships to further professional development

  • As today’s policing becomes more challenging and the ability for our communities to pay for those resources limited – the Valor Foundation can provide funding to train and equip our law enforcement members to better serve their communities.

Valor Awards

  • Each day, thousands of men and women across Kansas stand watch over our communities. The Valor Foundation board wants to recognize those who go above and beyond the call of duty. Many of the previous recipients have saved children, rescued kidnapping victims, and even lost their own lives. Once a year, we have the honor of recognizing these men and women and thanking them and their families for their dedication.

Why Support the Valor Foundation?

 Every day, our men and women sacrifice time with their families. They sacrifice their emotional, mental and physical well-being for a greater calling. They choose to serve, knowing that  they may not see the faces of their loved ones again. It is a call that they have chosen to answer -  a desire to sacrifice their own well-being for those in their communities. It is our duty to do the same for them. I have been humbled to be able to serve these same men and women”

Executive Director, Executive Director (Kansas  Assoc. of Chiefs of Police)

 “Being a police officer is hard. It’s a non-glamorous, thankless, frustrating job that generates self-satisfaction, and a sense of service.  Despite the highs and low, police officers who are in it for the right reasons don’t think much about the sacrifices they and their families make because they couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Those are the ones we want and should always support”

– Chief Dennis Butler, Ottawa Police Department

How Can You Help?

  1. Donate to https://www.gofundme.com/valor-foundation-of-kansas  Donations are tax deductible.
  2. Get Involved – There are opportunities annually to volunteer in our Auxiliary, fundraisers,  conferences and awards banquet. If interested, email us at kacp@ksacp.net
  3. Host your own fundraiser! We are always looking for new fundraisers. Call Executive Director, Executive Director at 316-733-7300 for more information

2017 Board of Directors

Chief Danny Thayer, Neodesha PD

Chief Mike Baker, Wamego PD

Chief Mike Keller, Andover PD

Chief Mark Mathies, Edwardsville PD

Chief Mark Hinkle, Colwich PD

Chief Ken Winter, Cheney PD

Chief Adam Sayler,  St John PD

Chief Jared Warner,  Iola PD

Chief Greg Neis, Baldwin PD

Chief Todd Ackerman, Marysville PD

Chief Don Scheibler, Hays PD

Advisory Members:

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