KACP Telemarketing Programs

The Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police is currently under contract with Xentel, Inc. who is conducting a professional statewide residential and business telemarketing campaign on the Association's behalf. The programs are designed to inform the public of the existence of our association and the many programs in which we are involved. They are also a fundraising revenue source that support the KACP's many worthy programs and its general operation.

Funds raised through telephone solicitation efforts help support such programs as the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics, the Amber Alert Program training, the KACP annual Awards for Valor Program, the Wall of Honor, the Kansas Law Enforcement Memorial, the Kurt Ford Memorial Survivor Benefit Program, the John Foster Memorial Scholarship, the Kansas Police Administrators Training Seminar, conference-based training workshops, law enforcement legislative efforts and various community education programs such as "We Card" and "Project ChildSafe".

Through the telemarketing programs, Kansas residents and businesses are contacted by telephone and asked if they are interested in making a pledge to support the Association and these programs. If they make such a verbal pledge, they are then sent a letter thanking them for their pledge and asking them to send their donation to the KACP in an enclosed, pre-addressed envelope. Also enclosed in the pledge letter is a pamphlet explaining some of KACP's programs plus a KACP bumper sticker or window decal.

Contributions made to the KACP are tax deductible.

The Association's Solicitation License (copy available upon request) is current and on file in the Office of Secretary of State as is our Articles of Incorporation establishing the KACP as a not-for-profit, 501(c) 3, charitable organization. The Association's federal tax identification number is 48-08617-46.

The Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police appreciates the contributions of the thousands of Kansas citizens and businesses who support our organization, its efforts and its programs. Thank you.

If you wish to make a contribution directly to the Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police, it will certainly be appreciated. Please send your check to: KACP at P.O. Box 780603, Wichita, KS 67278-0603. Thank you for your thoughtful and generous support.

KACP Annual Golf Tournament

The Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police is proud to announce the 2016 KACP Valor Awards Golf Tournament. For the third year now, Voice Products, Inc. has stepped forward offering to help organize the year's KACP Valor Awards Golf Tournament.

We are hopeful that Kansas Law Enforcement agencies will organize teams comprised of officers, local, county or state government officials or staff and local business leaders. If you are not a golfer, please forward or post this information and help us get the number of teams needed for this to be a successful event. We hope to have a greater number of actual law enforcement golfers this year than we've had in the recent past. Your participation and assistance is appreciated.

For More Info Go to the Valor Awards Golf Tournament Website

Legislative Activities

The KACP works hard to identify and consult with the legislature regarding needed changes in state laws to improve public safety and to help law enforcement better respond to changes and challenges in crime. Through the dedicated efforts of an active Legislative Committee, the KACP joins annually with other law enforcement associations to legislatively address important issues such as drugs, gangs, violence, school safety, terrorism and seat belt and traffic safety.

KACP InterNetworking Program

KACP InterNetworking is a newly formalized Association communication program designed to utilize the Internet to distribute important information, announcements and requests to the state’s law enforcement community. Using KACP’s e-mail address book of over 400 Kansas law enforcement leaders, this program allows us to communicate almost instantaneously on issues of timely importance.

As a KACP member service, members are allowed and invited to submit information for KACP Internet distribution. The information presented must be ready to be forwarded and must be of interest to Kansas law enforcement in general. Specific guidelines are still being developed.

It should not be assumed nor relied upon that information distributed through this program is necessarily reaching specific desired agencies or individuals due to frequently changing e-mail addresses, individual e-mail security settings and possible infrequent monitoring of e-messages by some of the addressees. It should be viewed much like a general broadcast, “heard” by many in law enforcement but not by all.

Box 780603, Wichita, KS, 67278
(316) 733-7300
The KACP is comprised of and represents law enforcement leaders from agencies of all sizes from throughout the state. The Association has developed and administers numerous member and community service programs as shown and described within this web site.