Who we are

The colorful frontier history of law enforcement in Kansas includes names such as Wild Bill Hickok, Bat Masterson and Wyatt Earp. James Butler Hickok served as Ellis County Sheriff and, at another time, Marshal of Abilene. William Bartholomew Masterson was sheriff of Ford County and later became Peace Commissioner of Dodge City. Wyatt Earp was involved in law enforcement in both Dodge City and Wichita. These early Kansas "Peace Officers" relied on their reputations and individual skills to perform their law enforcement duties effectively. Both individually and collectively they left a deep and decisive imprint on justice in Kansas in the 1870's and 1880's.

In the more than 100 years since, law enforcement in Kansas has evolved and progressed to its present-day level of effectiveness and professionalism. This progress is due, in great part, to the wisdom and guidance of many dedicated law enforcement leaders. Among those are the nineteen chiefs of police from across the state who met in 1964 to discuss and, ultimately, lay the groundwork for establishing a professional association "dedicated to the advancement of law enforcement". As a result of this meeting and subsequent efforts over the following few months, official Articles of Incorporation were drafted and filed with the Kansas Secretary of State on May 21, 1965.

Original signers of the KACP Articles of Incorporation were Chiefs John Kenyon (Overland Park), Frank Robertson (Arkansas City), Ramon House (Dodge City) and Jack Molden (Emporia).

The KACP Articles of Incorporation provide that KACP is a non-profit corporation organized "to secure a closer official relationship amongst police officials throughout the state, to secure unity of action in police matters; to elevate the standard of police institutions and the police profession generally; to pursue humane efforts in the enforcement of laws; to encourage the advancement and perfection of a uniform police system within the State of Kansas: to advance along all lines pertaining to the prevention and detection of crime and the identity and treatment of prisoners; and to encourage cooperation with any other professional police organization who supports the above aims and purposes, to solicit and receive funds for the accomplishment of the above aims, if necessary, and to buy, own or sell property, real or personal, for the accomplishment of the above aims, if necessary."

In the 40 plus years since its birth, KACP has grown from its original 19 to over 400 members. Numerous worthy programs and valuable services have been developed, implemented, improved and expanded as reflected elsewhere in this web site. What hasn't changed is the drive and dedication of Kansas law enforcement leaders to improve effectiveness and ensure professionalism.


Past Presidents

2010 - Present 2000-2009 1990-1999 1980- 1989 1970- 1979 1964 -1969

2010 - Present


2018-2019Mike KellerAndover Police Dept.
2016 - 2017Danny ThayerNeodesha Police Dept.
2015 - 2016Mark MathiesEdwardsville Police Dept.
2014 - 2015Ed HowellFt. Hays State Univ. Police Dept.
2013 - 2014Michael BakerWamego Police Dept.
2012 - 2013Sean WallaceArk City Police Dept.
2011 - 2012Michael KellerAndover Police Dept.
2010 - 2011Jim DailyNewton Police Dept.



2008 - 2010

Todd Ackerman

Marysville P. D.

2007 - 2008

Bob Sage

Rose Hill P. D.

2006 - 2007

Mike Watson

Riley County P. D.

2005 - 2006

Kelly Parks

Valley Center P.D.

2004 - 2005

Sam Budreau

Chanute P.D.

2003 - 2004

Kenneth Sissom

Merriam P.D.

2002 - 2003

James Hill

Salina P.D.

2001 - 2002

John Douglass

Overland Park P.D.

2000 - 2001

Dick Heitschmidt

Hutchinson P.D.



1999 - 2000

Bob Rodriquez

Emporia  P.D.

1998 - 1999

Alvan Johnson

Riley Co.  P. D.

1997 - 1998

Rex Taylor

Iola P. D.

1996 - 1997

Tom Hayselden

Shawnee  P. D.

1995 - 1996

James R. Denney

KU  P. D.

1994 - 1995

Lee Doehring

Leavenworth  P. D.

1992 - 1994

Ronald Jackson

Newton  P. D.

1991 - 1992

Carlos E. Wells

Westwood  P. D.

1990 - 1991

Dean Akings

Great Bend  P. D.

1980- 1989


1989 - 1990

Ronald E. Pickman

Atchinson  P. D.

1987 - 1988

Kenneth Roy

WaKeeney  P. D.


Richard Kistner

Liberal  P. D.

1986 - 1987

Oakley Ralph

Dodge City  P. D.

1984 - 1986

Anthony Diplacito

Westwood  P.  D.

1982 - 1984

Richard Lamunyon

Wichita  P. D.

1981 - 1982

Dennis Rohr

Concordia  P. D.

1979 - 1981

Tom Prunier

Neodesha P. D.

1970- 1979


1978 - 1979

Victor S. Marshall

El Dorado  P. D.

1978 - 1978

Les Nuessen

Emporia  P. D.

1977 - 1978

Rob Watson

Junction City  P. D.

1976 - 1977

Myron Scafe

Overland Park  P. D.

1975 - 1976

Willis Penhollow

Riley Co. P. D.

1974 - 1975

A.L. Yonally

Roeland Park P. D.

1973 - 1974

Jerry Smith

Coffeyville P. D.

1972 - 1973

C.E. Patterson

Newton  P. D.

1971 - 1972

Bob R. Adams

Hutchinson  P. D.

1970 - 1971

A. V. Froemming

Winfield  P. D.

1969 - 1970

Dana Hummer

Topeka  P. D.

1964 -1969


1968 - 1969

Ramon House

Dodge City  P. D.

1967 - 1968

Frank Robertson

Arkansas City  P. D.

1965 - 1967

John O. Kenyan

Overland Park  P. D.

1964 - 1965

Carl Spriggs

Hutchinson P. D.

Box 780603, Wichita, KS, 67278
(316) 733-7300
The KACP is comprised of and represents law enforcement leaders from agencies of all sizes from throughout the state. The Association has developed and administers numerous member and community service programs as shown and described within this web site.