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2017 Valor Award Recipients

Gold Award

Coleman Marshall  ----------------------  Bonner Springs Police Dept

Adam R. Z. Khan ------------------------- Bonner Springs Police Dept

Phillip "Scott" Baker, Jr.------------------ Kansas Highway Patrol

Ian W. Gray ---------------------------  Kansas Highway Patrol

Todd R. Ackerman--------------------- Marysville Police Dept

Timothy N. Anderson ----------------------Marysville Police Dept.

Robert Oliver --------------------------Leavenworth Co Sheriff’s Office

Mark A. Wilcox -----------------------Kansas City KS Police Dept

Tim L. Sweany ------------------Olathe Police Dept.

Jameson R. Miller ---------------------Olathe Police Dept.

Dion D. Dundovich ---------------------Kansas City Kansas Police Dept.

Raymond P. Nunez, Jr. -------------------Kansas City Kansas Police Dept.

Matt L. Neal ---------------------------Kansas City, Missouri Police Dept.

Michael E. Howell ---------------------Kansas City Kansas Police Dept.

Miguel A. Leal ----------------------Kansas City Kansas Police Dept.

Lewis A. Edwards -------------------Kansas City Kansas Police Dept.

Michael W. Guthrie -----------------------Sedgwick Co Sheriff’s Office

Kyle L. Perry -------------------------Wichita Police Dept.

Chris A. Mains -----------------------Wichita Police Dept.

Marvin "Lee" Patterson -----------------------Sumner Co Sheriff’s Office

Tyler J. Carmichael ------------------------Sumner Co Sheriff’s Office

Joseph S. Slaughter-------------------- Sedgwick Co Sheriff’s Office

Tony C. Hawpe--------------------- Newton Police Dept.  

Levi P. Minkevitch ------------------------Newton Police Dept.

Tony C. Hawpe ---------------------Newton Police Dept.  

Michael A. Golden --------------------Kansas City Kansas Police Dept.

Michael E. Howell ----------------------Kansas City Kansas Police Dept.

Scott A. Ferguson ---------------------------Overland Park Police Dept.

Brian D. Arterburn ------------------------Wichita Police Dept.


Silver Award

Luke A. Massett --------------------Wamego Police Dept.

Crystian A. Torres----------------------- Pottawatomie Co Sheriff’s Office

Joseph L. Owen ------------------------Kansas Highway Patrol

Walter O. Bautista-Montoya ----------------Wichita Police Dept.

Darrin R. Williams --------------------Wichita Police Dept.

Charlie N. Benedict ----------------------Independence Police Dept.

Todd D.R. Packett --------------------------Marysville Police Dept.

James M. Leis ---------------------Marysville Police Dept.

Luke W. Hornbacher --------------------Paola Police Dept.

Tyler J. Dyer ----------------Dodge City Police Dept.

Alex J. Kinderknecht ----------------Pottawatomie Co Sheriff’s Office

Jason M. Klepac----------------Johnson Co Sheriff’s Office

Sean M. Swords ------------------Kansas Highway Patrol

Jesse D. Shane--------------Riley Co Police Dept.

Steven D. Gregoire ------------------Pottawatomie Co Sheriff’s Office

Kade Odell ----------------Republic Co Sheriff’s Office

Jason A. Cooley ----------------Wichita Police Dept.

Jaffar A. Agha -------------------Emporia Police Dept.

Justin F. Hill -----------------Emporia Police Dept.

"DJ" Dragonas------------------ Emporia Police Dept.


Bronze Award

William "Toad" Schwindamann --------------Marshall Co Emergency Management

Leslie Jeter -------------------Marshall Co Emergency Management

Roberta Price -----------------Marshall Co Sheriff’s Office

Angie R. Jones ---------------Kansas Bureau of Investigations


Unit Citation – Silver

Harvey Co. Sheriff’s Office

Hesston Police Dept.

Unit Citation - Bronze

WPD Violent Crimes Community Response Team Wichita Police Dept.