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City of Goddard – Police Officer

Position Title:

Police Officer


City of Goddard

Position Type:

Commissioned Law Enforcement Position

Introduction Statement:

The City of Goddard, Kansas (pop. 4,746) is presently accepting applications for a full time Police Officer. Goddard is a vibrant community, growing and accessible; the destination for a family oriented, active lifestyle. Goddard was named the fastest growing community in Kansas by the US Census Bureau and is poised for significant growth.
Provides professional assistance for the protection of property in the City through police function and related activities. Employees respond to all requests of citizens’ assistance and act as necessary for the protection of life and property. Work involves an element of danger and requires use of judgment, knowledge and skills in law enforcement procedures and policies. Makes preliminary investigation at crime scenes, written reports of any incident reported. Work is directed and reviewed by the Sergeant.


Full Time


Pay starts at $32,885 for non-commissioned employees. Pay increases to $35,360 after completion of KLETC and field training.
Pay range for commissioned employees is $35,360 to $52,561.

Minimum Qualifications:

• Experience: Law enforcement experience preferred.
• Education: Graduation from high school and graduation from the Law Enforcement Training Center preferred. Basic Academy certification to be successfully completed before assigned to duty assignment unless along with a permanent officer. Additional law enforcement courses preferred and encouraged.
• Technical Skills: General knowledge of federal, state, and local laws and ordinances, law enforcement techniques, mathematics and chemicals for drug testing purposes. Ability to operate a radar unit, patrol vehicle, communication equipment, weapons, and other law enforcement related equipment. Requires a valid Kansas Driver’s License.
• Problem Solving: Frequent problem solving exists in this position. Problems include handling citizen complaints, civil disputes, victim trauma, finding evidence for conviction of a crime, and locating witnesses.
• Decision Making: Frequent decision making exists in this position. Decisions include determining whether to issue a warning, a citation, make an arrest, or to use force in a situation.
• Supervision: Limited supervision is provided by Sergeant. Job related decisions are reviewed through reports and conferences.
• Personal Relations: Continual contact with other city departments and the general public.
• Working Conditions: Adverse working conditions exist relating to public law enforcement. Hazardous, strenuous and dangerous situations may arise in the apprehension of alleged criminals, interviewing suspects and/or victims under extreme conditions when patrolling is a factor in this position.
• Working conditions vary by shift. The majority of tasks are performed outside while working from a police vehicle. Some tasks may require heavy lifting, pushing, pulling, or carrying heavy loads. Flexibility is important because of the need to frequently enter and exit vehicles, inspect buildings, climb over and around obstacles, suddenly move out of the way of dangers, etc.
• Mental alertness is very important because of the need to make fine discriminations and decisions concerning subtle cues of impending dangers or to discover inconsistencies in witness’ or suspects’ testimonies, etc. Physical and mental demands may change dramatically with a few seconds. And tax the maximum of human endurance. Therefore, incumbents must maintain a physical mental state of fitness and readiness that will enable them to handle (with minimal force and often without backup) recurrent contacts and involvement with dangerous and potentially dangerous people, animals, and equipment.
• Physical Requirements: The ability to pass and maintain all physical requirements and activities of the law enforcement training center. The ability to run and exert physical control over suspect(s) and overcome obstacles.

Information for Obtaining an Application:


Follow the above link to apply at HRePartners. You will need to create an account to submit your application.

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Box 780603, Wichita, KS, 67278
(316) 733-7300
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