Legislative Committee Finance Committee Awards Committee Training Committee Mentor Committee Valor Foundation Committee:

Legislative Committee


Legislative Committee:

  • Chief Todd Ackerman, Marysville Police Dept
  • Chief Darrell Attebury, Bel Aire Police Dept (Chair)
  • Chief Michael Baker, Wamego Police Dept
  • Director Dennis Butler, Riley Co Police Dept
  • Chief John Defore, Hiawatha Police Dept
  • Chief Kenneth Doze, Hoisington Police Dept
  • Chief Fred Farris, Goddard Police Dept
  • Chief Gene Garcia, Caldwell Police Dept
  • Asst.Chief of Police Mike Golden, McPherson Police Dept
  • Chief Tom Hongslo, Lenexa Police Dept
  • Chief Henry Horn, KCK Public Schools
  • Chief Ed Howell, Ft. Hays University Police Dept
  • Chief Douglas Jones, Burlington Police Dept
  • Chief Mike Keller, Andover Police Dept
  • Chief Patrick Kitchens, Leavenworth Police Dept
  • Chief-Retired Ed Klumpp, Topeka Police Dept
  • Chief David Lux, Kingman Police Dept
  • Chief Robert McClarty, McPherson Police Dept
  • Chief Nelson Mosley, Rose Hill Police Dept
  • Chief Eric Murphy, Newton Police Dept
  • Chief Derrick Ploutz, Sterling Police Dept
  • Chief Gordon Ramsay, Wichita Police Dept
  • Patrolman Adam Saylor
  • Chief Don Scheibler, Hays Police Dept
  • Officer /Investigator/ Ret. Chief Danny Shanks
  • Director Law Enforcement Sales John Simmons, CZ USA
  • Director Ken Sissom, JCCC
  • Executive Director Gary Steed, CPOST
  • Assoc. Director Tony Weingartner, KBI


KACP Legislative Committee Responsibilities

  1. The legislative committee shall work closely with any KACP identified lobbyist to identify and compile all legislative issues of interest to law enforcement.
  2. Members shall establish and maintain contacts within the system of government to further the legislative interests of the Association.
  3. Members shall, when available, provide testimony before the Legislature or committees thereof as appropriate.
  4. The committee Chairman shall communicate and coordinate the Association’s legislative agenda with other law enforcement associations, to include:
    • Kansas Peace Officers’ Association
    • Kansas Sheriffs’ Association
    • Kansas County and District Attorneys’ Association.
  5. The committee chairman shall inform the Board and general membership of the Association’s legislative agenda and seek input for the coming session.
  6. The chairman shall assist in the planning of the annual Legislative conference as appropriate.
  7. The committee chairman shall work closely with any identified KACP lobbyist to coordinate testimony by Association members at hearings of concern to KACP.
  8. The committee chairman shall represent the Association, using independent judgment, in addressing legislative issues where the Board, General Membership or committee cannot be consulted in advance.

Finance Committee


Mark Hinkle (Chair)Colwich
Michael UtzGarden City
Don ScheiblerHays
Bob SageRose Hill


KACP Finance Committee Responsibilities

  1. The Finance Committee shall make recommendations to the Board on programs, projects and major financial proposals.
  2. The committee shall evaluate the current year budget and make recommendations to the Board on the proposed budget for the coming year. Such proposals shall be presented at the Board meeting of the Fall Conference each year.
  3. The committee may assist and evaluate fund raising efforts and recommendations.
  4. The committee shall ensure that an annual audit of the Association’s financial records is conducted by a professional accounting firm.
  5. The committee shall make recommendations to the Board concerning budget modifications during the course of the fiscal year.
  6. The committee shall research and make recommendations to the Board regarding investment of KACP funds.

Awards Committee

Awards Committee:

KACP 2018-2019 Awards Committee

Todd Ackerman, Chair

Marysville PD

Mike Baker

Wamego PD

Don Scheibler

Hays PD

Ed Howell

Fort Hays State PD

Ken Winter

Cheney Dept

Mike Keller

Andover PD

Terry Maple

KHP (Ret.)

Ed Pavey


Ron Miller

US Marshall Kansas

Danny Thayer

Neodesha PD

Brad Nelson

Salina PD

Rick Johnson


Nelson Mosley

Rose Hill PD

Ronnie Grice

Kansas State University PD

Mark Mathies

Edwardsville PD

KACP Awards Committee Responsibilities

  1. The Awards committee is responsible for defining KACP awards criteria for approval by the Board.
  2. The committee shall annually send out notices to solicit for nominations for the annual awards.
  3. The committee shall review all nominations and determine which award is appropriate for each nomination, if any.
  4. The committee shall notify the agency of each nominee regarding the outcome of the nominations. The committee shall also provide all appropriate and necessary information to the agency of each prospective award recipient regarding the time and location of the Awards program and housing and ticket arrangements.
  5. The committee shall arrange for the acquisition of all awards and certificates as appropriate. The committee shall also provide information to be printed in the Banquet program.
  6. The committee shall be responsible for preparation of the script and overseeing, coordinating and conducting the activities of the annual Awards Program ceremony.
  7. The committee shall be responsible for making arrangements for photographing of the individual award presentations and shall send each award recipient a photo of his or her presentation.

Training Committee


Training Committee 
Chief Fred Farris (Chair)
Goddard PD
Chief Brad Nelson (Mid Size City)
Salina PD
Chief Terry Zeigler (Large City)
Kansas City PD
Chief Emil Halfhill (Small City)
Ellsworth PD
Ron Gould (KLETC Representative)
Chief Ed Howell (Campus Representative)
Ft. Hays State
Chief  Bart Branyon (State Agency Representative)

Please feel free to contact KACP or Executive Director with any further questions at: 316-733-7300

Mentor Committee

Mentor Committee:

(Chair): TBD

(Chair): TBD

Chief Michael Utz

Garden City Police Dept

Chief Joni Showalter

Goodland Police Dept

Chief Dennis Butler

Ottawa Police Dept

Chief Bruce Burke

Peabody Police Dept

Director Gary Steed


Chief Darrell Atteberry

Bel Aire Police Dept

Chief Mike Keller

Andover Police Dept

Chief (Ret) Jim Daily


Chief Rick Johnson

KU Med Center

Chief Claude Warren

Osborne Police Dept

Chief Terry Hollingsworth

Overbrook Police Dept

Chief Larry Alexander

Sedgwick Police Dept

Chief Brad Nelson

Salina Police Dept

Chief Ed Howell

Ft. Hays Police Dept

Chief Gerry Cullumber

Norton Police Dept



The Mentoring Committee oversees the KACP Mentoring Program, which enables KACP members to network in pairs and small groups with fellow members who share their set of professional interests and concerns and can offer mutual guidance and support.

Valor Foundation Committee:


Valor Foundation Committee:

Chief Doug Schroeder (Chair)

Hesston Police Dept

Chief Todd Ackerman

Marysville Police Dept

Chief Mike Baker

Wamego Police Dept

Chief Bruce Johnson

Concordia Police Dept

Chief Josh Orem

Halstead Police Dept

Chief Brad Nelson

Salina Police Dept

Chief Robert Moser

Shawnee Police Dept

Jada Ackerman

Networks Plus

Andy Seville


Stewart Peters

Voice Product

Aaron Corcoran


Terry St Pierre


John Simmons


Paul Clark



The Valor Foundation’s mission is to protect and support the needs of Kansas law enforcement by providing assistance and support to the various police agencies of Kansas whether state or local.

Box 780603, Wichita, KS, 67278
(316) 733-7300
The KACP is comprised of and represents law enforcement leaders from agencies of all sizes from throughout the state. The Association has developed and administers numerous member and community service programs as shown and described within this web site.